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Why you should appoint a Landscape Architect

Jonathan Hesketh
Principal Landscape Architect, Atkins

The pace of change that our clients are facing is ever quickening and we recognise the increasing challenges that they face. Appointing a Landscape Architect can help overcome complex site problems efficiently and deliver solutions that deal with the ‘now’ but also look to the future helping to address the global concerns our planet is facing.

As Landscape Architects we are uniquely placed to understand these challenges and propose solutions, which are innovative yet grounded in the realism of project delivery. As such it is our profession that is the equivalent of the Victorian engineer in designing appropriate solutions around the complex needs of contemporary society.

A Landscape Architect’s ever-evolving skillset varies from large scale masterplanning to fine detail design. We are skilled at looking at the bigger picture, understanding how the wider environment works and identifying key solutions which can successfully shape the final outcome.

We can offer so much more than planting design. Our knowledge and experience in site design can make the difference between a site that works for the client and one that doesn’t. We know about space and place and how levels work, we understand pedestrian and vehicle movement strategies, and we can work with planners to overcome challenging planning protocol to address the ever- increasing environmental directives on sustainability, air quality, storm water management and bio diversity targets. This is why your site is our natural habitat.

We bring together and work alongside other disciplines to create co-ordinated solutions, responding to the specific requirements of the site. When engaged early in the design process we can identify risks and highlight opportunities which can guide the project in a successful direction so reducing cost and maximising potential.

We are committed to sustainable design and our landscape architecture team are integral to the company’s approach to delivering on this promise. Our team consists of experts who are industry leaders in our field and have a passion for the environment. This commitment, enthusiasm and knowledge is evidenced in all our projects.

For example, we recently completed a project in Berkshire, where we were appointed early and were involved at the outset of the project. We led the external design and positioned the building in the optimum location, maximising external space, cut and fill volumes and overcoming numerous site constraints. These constraints included significant level changes, contaminated ground, air and noise pollution concerns and flood mitigation requirements. Furthermore, a 200-year-old oak with veteran tree status and associated ecological significance, was located in the middle of the site. With careful design and full stakeholder engagement, we successfully overcame each issue and saved the client time and money with the optimum and attractive solution.

It is by having a Landscape Architect as part of your team and having them appointed early in the design process, that a client can save money, reduce risk and maximise the potential of a project.

Having the right people, doing the right job leads to the right result. We promise we won’t cost the earth, but we might just help save it!